The Value of Presence and Energy

I recently saw an interview with Tina Turner. Her energy came through the TV screen and grabbed my attention. Tina is 77 years young and just hung up her singing and dancing roadshow a few years ago. She is a natural exuberant personality and you had the feeling that she was not “putting on,” she was really being herself.  Not all of us naturally exude that type of passion, excitement and energy and being “on” all the time would be exhausting.  However, if you give presentations or want to engage others do you ever feel like you need to turn it up a notch?  I do, so let’s talk about how to get your groove on.

Energy is all around you. It’s in your voice, your body language, your attitude and others “get” it from you the moment you enter a space.  Your energy has the power to engage, repel or just plain bore. If your career choice requires you to present and interact with others knowing how to boost your energy when needed is highly recommended. Here are some pointers:

  1. Approach others and greet them. Shake hands and be enthusiastic about seeing them. This sends a message of approachable open energy. Waiting for others to always reach out to you sends a more closed signal and the result may be less beneficial interaction with others.
  2. Be congruent – You want your gestures and the words coming out of your mouth to match up because your audience more readily trusts you and you exude confidence.   When your gestures don’t match up with your words you send mixed messages which creates confusion. There is a time and place to stand quietly with your arms and hands at your side however congruent animation is engaging.
  3. Movement – moving with purpose while presenting is engaging and conveys passion. Lose the lectern or podium – it hides about 75% of your body and….you look like you are hiding. When appropriate move towards your audience as if you are talking with them, not at them. Never pace and flail around - you will have their attention only because they are looking to see where you will go next. They just won’t be listening to what you are saying!
  4. Modulate your voice – vary your voice tone, speak louder, or softer, for more emphasis.
  5. OK – here’s the big one - Record yourself practicing to give a presentation: With all of the recording contraptions available today you don’t have to hunt down a friend to borrow a camera and tripod, it’s as easy as using a smartphone. Play it back and watch for gestures, enthusiasm, facial expressions, tone of voice and engagement.  I recently purchased an inexpensive webcam that clips on my computer. With the webcam turned on I recorded myself rehearsing a 10 - 15 minute teach-back, a requirement for those of us who train. I wanted an idea of how I was coming across in energy, gestures, body language and overall presence. Playing it back I could see areas where my presence was engaging and I could clearly see places where I needed to gesture more, move to create more energy or show enthusiasm in my voice.  It may take a few times but my suggestion is to record yourself, make notes, record again and watch your continued improvement.

You may have a cringe worthy moment when you think about recording yourself however overall it can be a huge confidence builder especially when you see all the areas you already do very well. Hold those positive images in your mind and build on them. When you are actually in front of a real audience the practice and attention to your message will show up in your presence and energy because you will be more confident.

We may not all have the energy of Tina Turner or another big name entertainer but we can all take a look at how we come across and make improvements in our energy and presence. There’s value and payoff for a little extra time.

The Beauty of Body Language

You communicate most loudly with something that’s non-verbal. It’s your body language. In fact, studies show 60-70% of your believability comes from your body language which is a much higher percentage than the words you say or even how you say them. The beauty of positive body language is it can be learned and you can become natural at it especially if you know some good ways to get started.

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Coaching is the Secret Sauce

Coaching is the “secret sauce” but the reason why is not a closely held secret. In fact, coaching is well known as an element for increasing the chances of success, especially in training.  It’s just, well…not so closely adhered to. Why? Because we are all so busy living, doing, putting out fires, creating activity and after all it takes extra time, effort and skill. Here’s a thought: Can we afford not to do it?

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How can I control my nerves and gain confidence?

“How can I get over my nerves?” “I’ve been avoiding giving presentations and now my boss is starting to notice – can you help me?” “Can you just sprinkle some fairy dust over me and make me better?” These are the questions I often get from folks wanting to be better communicators. First of all, applause to you for wanting to up your game and recognizing enhancements can be made. The fairy dust part is harder to accomplish but I get it so we can work with that.

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Do you have sales resilience?

Everyone sells something. Whether realized or not, everybody has to influence or be persuasive in order to attain goals or help others attain their goals. Would you agree? If so, whether you are an entrepreneur, or work within a more formal environment, you probably know that not all situations go your way. There may even be a string of events when it looks like all the doors are closed and no windows have opened yet. 

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Do Your Sales Presentations Make You or Break You?

You’ve studied your client’s issues; you have asked the right questions and know your competition. You are confident you have an excellent solution and have even secured an appointment to present your proposal. Wow, you are almost there, but don’t mentally spend your commission yet! Your presentation can be a huge differentiator for you and could make or break your sale. Here are five basic ways to ensure you get off to a good start and stand out from the crowd:

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Who wants to get ahead?

Want to know a secret? One of the critical skills needed for gaining recognition in your chosen field is the ability to communicate clearly. You may be among the best and the brightest, cross all your t’s, dot all your i’s and get to work on time, but if you are not able to present your ideas to others in a clear concise manner, along with some enthusiasm and passion,  most likely you will get lost in the pack.  This is true for just about anyone who wants to get ahead – whether in sales or not. 

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Does today's market dictate your need for superior presentation skills?

In a word, "YES." Superior presentations skills help give you the needed edge in today’s market. Everyone needs to put their best foot forward when presenting business ideas or proposals. You may have the greatest product or service in the world but if it is not communicated in a positive way it could end up looking like and sounding like everyone else’s solution. You want to stand out and one way to differentiate yourself is to present professionally.

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What’s PIZZAZ got to do With Your Sales Presentations?

When your business could use a lift and everything needs a little extra somethin’ somethin’ think about how you present to others whether it is sales proposals or gaining new business. Whatever the occasion, great presenting could be your differentiator – the difference between mediocre and WOW!...and could be the memorable factor that gets you the deal.

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