Coaching is the Secret Sauce

Coaching is the “secret sauce” but the reason why is not a closely held secret. In fact, coaching is well known as an element for increasing the chances of success, especially in training.  It’s just, well…not so closely adhered to. Why? Because we are all so busy living, doing, putting out fires, creating activity and after all it takes extra time, effort and skill. Here’s a thought: Can we afford not to do it?

I‘m especially passionate about encouraging presentation skills clients to include short coaching sessions following the training event. When learning new skills in an interactive environment such as public speaking you are often in the moment and learning at a very fast pace. When the training day(s) are over the tendency is to breathe a sigh of relief, put the training materials on the shelf with the thought, “that was a great session, I learned so much. I’ll get my notes out later and practice again.” Good thought, however what really happens? Life takes over, you get busy and rarely ever get back to your notes and/or practice. I hope you didn’t waste your money.

Do yourself a favor, increase your ROI on training and schedule quick coaching sessions about a week out and perhaps, if needed, another 2-3 weeks out.  This will increase your awareness of your new-found skills and encourage you to practice. Statistics say when you have participated in a learning event you stand the chance of losing up to 80% of what you learned within 30 days if it is not reinforced.

So, don’t throw your hard-earned cash to the wind. Reinforce your skills, invest in a coaching session or two so that you continue building your confidence. The next time you get the opportunity to speak publicly it won’t be overwhelming.