Presenting Skills and Public Speaking

Presentation Skills have never been more important than in today's business world. Everyone is overloaded with information coming at them from all directions - multitasking, time pressed and stressed out. Did you know that most people forget 40% of what they learned within 20 minutes?

You want to Be Memorable and have clients and colleagues Pay Attention to what you are saying!

Presentation Skills are something we demonstrate every day and are a major component for success in business. Fortunately, or unfortunately, our reputation and credibility can depend on the way we communicate and deliver our information. Do you need expert assistance preparing for a specific presentation? Are you newly promoted and presentations are an expectation? Are nerves holding you back? Even if you don’t have to regularly present, good public speaking skills can help advance your career and create opportunities. Coaching is tailored to your requirements. Instructor-led for group workshops, one-on-one coaching and virtual training sessions are offered. Follow up coaching sessions are available. See short video demo of Presentation Skills on Home page. 


  • Improved organization and delivery of information
  • Increased confidence in front of an audience
  • How to jumpstart your presentation, introduce yourself and others
  • Better ways to engage and connect with your audience
  • Improved body language, gestures, voice and presence in front of a group
  • Create clear messaging and compelling presentations
  • Opportunities to practice skills and reinforced via video taping & coaching

PresentingPlus! Presentation Skills training is a fun and interactive workshop which can be customized to your needs. Participants learn skills, put them into practice and immediately get coaching and feedback giving them the ability to utilize the skills right away! In addition to the public speaking skills additional add-on modules such as Developing Your Presentation, Strategic Seating, Handling Difficult Questions, Presenting to Executives and Executive Summaries - plus more!Each participant will receive their own taped sessions on a USB for reinforcement

Each participant will receive their own taped sessions on a flash drive, along with recorded coaching comments, for reinforcement.

A little humor...

People fear speaking in public more than death, studies reveal.  Which means, that if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.” – Jerry Seinfeld

PresentingPlus! will help you solve your dilemma and create compelling presentations. We welcome clients nationally and from around the Metro Atlanta, as well as Raleigh/Durham and Chapel Hill, NC metro areas.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Kate’s decades of experience are evident in the training. She was able to quickly pinpoint my strengths and areas of development. She gave me the added edge to deliver a successful presentation to my firm’s Board of Directors. I would highly recommend her service. "

Vice President of a Top Tier Pharmaceutical Company

"I am pleased to write a personal recommendation for Kate Tunison with presentingplus!  For the New Year, I set a personal goal to take a presentation-training course to become a more confident and effective communicator and presenter.  My first impression of Kate was that she displayed extreme passion with her interactive hands-on consulting experience with business presentation and public speaking consultative training.  Kate is a true professional who articulated her thoughts and suggestions in a meaningful way for one to understand and comprehend.  She provided very useful insights and feedback from the overall structure of the presentation to my personal verbal and non-verbal presentation skills.  Her insight and patience was impeccable and assisted me tremendously with instant personal satisfaction and confidence.  I would strongly recommend Kate to any individual or business group who wants to improve his or her presentation structure, delivery, public speaking skills, consultative skills, or simply to deliver effective daily communication.  Kate is a very effective trainer and coach.  I would highly recommend Kate and her professional insights to any person or team who wants to improve on their presentation or public speaking skills that resonates and packs a punch with the audience!” 

James B.
Partner Alliance Executive

"I wanted to feel more comfortable with giving formal presentations and decided I needed professional training to do so. I researched several options and chose Kate with PresentingPlus! after seeing a video that highlighted her own presentation skills. I also liked the concept of one-on-one training, so that I could receive individual attention and be less nervous throughout the training. Kate immediately put me at ease when we started our training.  She understood my nervousness and made me feel comfortable with speaking up and engaging with her about questions I had. Since our training, I have given two presentations; I delivered each presentation with more confidence than I ever could have done on my own. The feedback from attendees also showed that the messages I delivered were clear and well organized, which is the ultimate goal for any presenter."

Kali Gerhardt
Global Marketing Manager
Kamstrup Water Metering

"My company hired Kate Tunison to assist me in gaining a comfort level with my presentation skills.  I have been giving technical training for several years but had just never been comfortable speaking in front of groups of people. Although I have a thorough knowledge of the material I teach, and am considered an expert in my field, I lacked confidence and was always extremely nervous.  I was having a difficult time coming across with authority, which affected the professional presence I wanted to project.  Kate and I met for interactive training/coaching sessions and then for shorter, more specific, coaching sessions. Kate gave me spot-on coaching and feedback for the skills I needed to engage my audience and come across as the expert I am. Kate is very positive, extremely easy and comfortable to work with, and is obviously passionate about helping others with their public speaking skills.  My confidence and professional demeanor have grown and I now actually look forward to the times I get to speak to a group… as opposed to my previous dread of these situations. I have been getting great feedback evaluations and complimentary emails about my presentations! The results with me have been so impressive that it prompted my supervisor to bring Kate in to work with my entire team.  I highly recommend working with Kate if you want to improve on virtually any area of your presentations… from speaking with confidence, expression and engagement to the most effective use of visual aids."

Susan Suggs
Nordson Corporation

"Our organization engaged Kate Tunison to facilitate her Business Presentation Skillsworkshop to our account management and marketing teams.  Kate’s enthusiasm and hands-on approach not only strengthened our employees’ confidence, but also offered the skills required to become more effective and credible presenters. Kate armed our teams with tips and techniques that they have confidently applied since the training - from daily business meetings to speaking engagements at conferences. I would strongly recommend Kate’s services to anyone seeking to develop their presentation skills."

Linda Gabor
Vice President of Marketing & Account Management

"When I needed to provide professional development for new trainers on my staff, I looked for a consultant that has the poise, confidence and practical experience of knowing what it means to effectively capture an audience. Kate has those qualities. Through an interactive workshop that focuses on presentation skills and classroom management, Kate provided my trainers with an awareness of their facilitation style. She also provided each of them insightful feedback on how to strengthen their presentation skills. Her tips, tricks and resources gave my team some practical tools they could implement immediately. I was so pleased with how the session went I brought Kate back again this year when I had new trainers join my team and I will continue to use her in the future."   

Kathy Martin
Sage Software

"Thank you very much Kate for the tips and tricks of further developing my presentation skills. As a Georgia Tech undergraduate student majoring in engineering, we are not always thoroughly exposed to communication skill development or anything related to that in the classroom. Even if such classes are provided, I find a one-on-one approach more effective. This is why I learned more in one session with Kate than in any other public speaking class I attended before. With the easy flow of informal Q&A and a mix of structured classroom PowerPoint lecture, I was able to clear up a lot of my doubts on how to present and increase my level of confidence. To me, it’s very important to start developing these skills at a young age. It will not only help me in earning a respectable job, but it will also help me progress further in my career."

Shivani Mehta
Engineering Student
Georgia Tech

“PresentingPlus! is the gold standard of presentations training. The Effective Presentations course is perfect for individuals from professionals to knee shaking beginners. Kate’s warm relaxed and encouraging style puts participants at ease. I’ve attended many courses on presentations and public speaking – this is definitely the BEST.”

Gene Morris, PHR, ACHRM
VP of Government Relations
Greer Employee Benefits

"Kate recently broke new ground with our agency by leading a three-part synchronous online training session for Georgia public librarians. She adapted and customized a basic presentation skills workshop to exactly meet our learning needs while keeping the participants engaged and interested.  Kate practices what she preaches. She incorporates what she’s teaching right into her own presentation and proceeds to explain clearly and succinctly what she’s doing. Kate is a natural trainer… both in-person and online. I would not hesitate to hire Kate again. She connects and engages with her audience, she’s professional and she’s fun, too! I found it easy to work with her during the planning and preparation of this series. Comments on evaluations don’t get much better than this: “An excellent workshop – one of the best I’ve ever attended”. 

Pat Carterette
Director of Continuing Education
Georgia Public Library Service

See additional testimonials on our Client Testimonials page.