PresentingPlus!  Presentation Skills Training – Atlanta

Want to be a confident communicator?

Is fear of public speaking holding you back?

Have you ever found yourself noticing that others around you seem to get promotions and zoom past you on the career track? You think to yourself: I get to work on time, I do good work, I am capable of so much more – why not me

Well, those people have most probably learned how to communicate well with others. They have learned how to become influential and persuasive which is a highly valued skill both at work and in life. Those are the folks that gain recognition, exert influence and get promotions in the marketplace. We help you become one of those people!

PresentingPlus! helps you develop your confidence and skills as a public speaker and business communicator. Based in Atlanta, GA, we work with clients nationally as well as the Atlanta metro area. 

Services Offered:

Presenter & Public Speaker Training & Coaching

Manager Coaching & Accountability

Virtual Facilitator

Contract Trainer and Facilitator

Consultative Sales Skills Training


Meet Kate Tunison



Kate Tunison on RadioX Jan. 24 2018

Kate Tunison on RadioX Jan. 24 2018