Client Success Stories with Kate Tunison and PresentingPlus!

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Coaching

"I have always been reticent about speaking in front of a group so I decided to conquer my fears.  I signed up for a presentation skills workshop given by Kate Tunison of Presenting Plus!

We covered how to engage the audience right from the start, hand gestures and body language, how to project your voice, tonality, and how to incorporate pauses for emphasis and to maintain audience interest.  We also covered the structure of a presentation to enhance flow and impact.

Kate video-taped each participant and gave us feedback on skills that we need to practice.

I feel empowered. The techniques I learned are easy to remember and incorporate.  Kate is truly an outstanding trainer and I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills and gain more confidence as a public speaker."

Esther R. Escobedo
Owner, Office Angels

"Kate’s decades of experience are evident in the training. She was able to quickly pinpoint my strengths and areas of development. She gave me the added edge to deliver a successful presentation to my firm’s Board of Directors. I would highly recommend her service. "

Vice President of a Top Tier Pharmaceutical Company

"To better prepare for some upcoming presentations, I engaged PresentingPlus! To assist my firm in being the best we could be. Kate’s easy manner, sharp eye and well researched feedback improved the quality, timing and focus of the presentation. Her kind, constructive feedback enabled me to improve my delivery and enhance the value of the message. I highly recommend Kate as a coach and consultant on presentation preparation and delivery."

Jonathan Foulkes
CEO, Rover Apps

"Thank you so much for the terrific workshop you led for our Pinnacle leadership group. It is hard to believe a group of professionals had so much to learn about public speaking and running a meeting, but you certainly demonstrated that was the case.  Your tips on speaking in public were all very useful.   One of the most interesting parts of your presentation were the tips on using PowerPoint more effectively, especially all those shortcuts none of us knew existed.  The note-taking was going on at the speed of light; who knew librarians could move so fast?

Also especially effective were the sample speeches that were filmed.  While this felt awkward at the time, especially speaking in front of our peers, I could not believe the progress we each made during the workshop.  It was truly amazing.  When I went back to watch my own speeches, I could tell a dramatic difference in my skill and comfort level from the first one to the last.  Thank you!  I truly hope we are able to work together further in the future.  Many of my staff members would benefit from what you have to offer."

Lisa MacKinney
Assistant Director, Hall County Library System

“I worked with Kate in the spring of 2012. I approached Kate to see about 'sharpening the saw' with regards to my public speaking skills. More specifically, I wanted to make sure I was comfortable speaking in front of a couple hundred people a couple of times.

We agreed to meet three times. The first time was to get an idea of what my current capabilities were, provide some constructive feedback, and a DVD of what/how I presented. The second time we discussed some of the suggestions that Kate mentioned and I presented again on DVD to see where I was. The final time we met was to do a final DVD that would be shown to my company.

Kate was wonderful throughout. Her feedback and suggestions were right on and she would follow up each of our meetings with an email reinforcing what we had discussed during the day. I highly recommend Kate's work if you are looking to improve your public speaking skills.”  

Herb Zimmerman
Regional Director, Delaware Investments

"Her insight and patience was impeccable and assisted me tremendously with instant personal satisfaction and confidence.

James B., Partner Alliance Executive

"Kate understood my nervousness and made me feel comfortable with speaking up and engaging with her about questions I had. Since our training, I have given two presentations; I delivered each presentation with more confidence than I ever could have done on my own. The feedback from attendees also showed that the messages I delivered were clear and well organized, which is the ultimate goal for any presenter."

Kali Gerhardt, Global Marketing Manager

"My confidence and professional demeanor have grown and I now actually look forward to the times I get to speak to a group… as opposed to my previous dread of these situations. I have been getting great feedback evaluations and complimentary emails about my presentations! The results with me have been so impressive that it prompted my supervisor to bring Kate in to work with my entire team.  

Susan Suggs, Nordson Corporation

"Kate’s enthusiasm and hands-on approach not only strengthened our employees’ confidence, but also offered the skills required to become more effective and credible presenters. Kate armed our teams with tips and techniques that they have confidently applied since the training - from daily business meetings to speaking engagements at conferences. I would strongly recommend Kate’s services to anyone seeking to develop their presentation skills."

Linda Gabor - VP of Marketing & Account Management,

"Kate provided my trainers with an awareness of their facilitation style. She also provided each of them insightful feedback on how to strengthen their presentation skills. Her tips, tricks and resources gave my team some practical tools they could implement immediately. I was so pleased with how the session went I brought Kate back again this year when I had new trainers join my team and I will continue to use her in the future."

Kathy Martin - Sage Software

"I learned more in one session with Kate than in any other public speaking class I attended before. With the easy flow of informal Q&A and a mix of structured classroom PowerPoint lecture, I was able to clear up a lot of my doubts on how to present and increase my level of confidence."  

Shivani Mehta - Engineering Student - Georgia Tech

“Kate’s warm relaxed and encouraging style puts participants at ease. I’ve attended many courses on presentations and public speaking – this is definitely the BEST.” -  

Gene Morris, PHR, ACHRM - VP of Government Relations, 
Greer Employee Benefits

"Kate practices what she preaches. She incorporates what she’s teaching right into her own presentation and proceeds to explain clearly and succinctly what she’s doing. Kate is a natural trainer… both in-person and online. She connects and engages with her audience, she’s professional and she’s fun, too! I found it easy to work with her during the planning and preparation of this series. Comments on evaluations don’t get much better than this: “An excellent workshop – one of the best I’ve ever attended.” 

- Director of Continuing Education, Georgia Public Library Service

Consultative Sales Training 

“Kate Tunison has provided initial and ongoing training for my sales teams at two different companies. Kate approaches each assignment with a tireless passion from start to finish! Her ability to present general sales topics as well as conduct specialized, consultative sessions makes her an extremely valuable asset to any company’s strategic coaching plans. Kate’s innate ability to engage an audience makes for very productive, energetic, interactive, results-driven sessions.”

Gary LeBlanc
Business Development Executive

“Kate has repeatedly demonstrated her depth of knowledge in the Sales Training and Consulting area. She consistently invests in her own personal development that provides her with an expert level of core skills as a professional. Her ability to communicate effectively both vertically and horizontally insures that her clients will always experience positive results. Kate’s attention to every detail is an attribute that will serve everyone well. I strongly endorse Kate as the best available for Sales Training.”

Johnny Knatt
Owner, OneHRPartner, LLC

“Kate was highly regarded during her years at IKON. She single handedly turned IKON’s LDS training program into a well respected department and in turn became a critical component of our sales organization. She was always open to listen to a different approach and insured the “buy in” from her internal customers. The training program she built created a faster return on new sales employees and also allowed senior account managers a chance to grow their overall skills.”

James Erickson
National Manager Commercial Imaging, IKON Office Solutions

“Kate was the backbone of our training organization for a number of years and was very successful in developing our sales teams into one of the best in the country. Her knowledge of the consultative selling approach and needs based selling heavily increased the likelihood that each of her graduates would meet and exceed IKON’s expectations of them. Once Kate is entrenched in a position, she is difficult to replace and I would recommend her to any organization who is looking for a true sales professional from a managerial and training perspective.”

Steve Schultz
Sales Manager, IKON Legal Document Services

“I had the distinct pleasure of receiving training from Kate Tunison. She has to be the most thorough, detail-oriented professional I have ever known. During her training class she encouraged participation from all the members but was also very good about keeping us on task and focused to ensure that we were able to cover everything included in the modules. Not only was her training phenomenal, but she made it a point to keep in touch with us once we were “out on our own”. I always knew that if I ever had a question or concern that I could contact her directly. It is without hesitation that I recommend Kate to any company looking to enhance, excite and educate their sales teams.”

Shannon Wilson-Trudo
Account Executive

“Kate is a seasoned professional that served as an incredible resource as well as a very thorough Sales Trainer that covered both the basics and the strategic approach necessary for a successful sales force. She stays very close to market trends and industry changes, to deepen the knowledge of the sales team and allow for smart, tactical selling.”

Vinnie D’Eramo
Sales Manager

“Kate uses her engaging personality to keep her classes focused. Her level of preparation is second to none and her students recognize the value she brings to their classes. I would recommend Kate to anyone that needs a skilled and knowledgeable sales trainer.”

Clayton Morehead
Digital Sales Analyst

“I’ve participated in several of Kate’s sales training courses over the 3 years I was with IKON. What always impressed me the most about Kate is her genuine interest in each trainee’s success. She creates a very informative format and knows how to get everyone engaged.”

Ted Kubota
Sales Manager

“Kate is an effective coach and trainer. She is always prepared, patient and thorough with each exercise or practice. She is pleasant to work with, too, adding that personal touch of care, class and compassion to what she does.”

Jerry Wilkinson
Vice President, Area General Manager, IKON Office Solutions

“My working relationship with Kate Tunison began when I was first employed with Xerox Business Systems in Atlanta. She is an excellent mentor and teacher and I consider her support one of the reasons for my success with the company. She always presented a professional demeanor and she set the bar for customer care. At the time of my employment, Xerox was considered the industry standard for training. After an intense six week orientation at the company’s training center in Leesburg, VA, I returned to Atlanta, and met Kate. She was never too busy to answer a question or to share her experiences in working with occasionally challenging customers. She is the consummate professional. With her sense of humor and natural leadership skills she made a very demanding work environment both fun and productive. Kate was that rare employee who was serious about her work but never took herself too seriously.”

Sherry Shinn
Account Executive 

"I had the pleasure of participating in a presentation skills training session that Kate did for some of my team.  The people in attendance ranged from novice to experienced speakers.  Though I have been a speaker on many occasions from my high school days to now, I welcomed any new insight I might receive from Kate.  The DVD feedback was absolutely essential, and I was able to immediately utilize what I learned as I prepared for a presentation a few days later.  In addition to the presentation tips she gave us, she shared some organizational ideas for both preparing presentations and planning effective meetings.  I enthusiastically recommend Kate and her training to my team and others that I know that would like to improve in their own presentation skills.  Thanks Kate!"

Helen Allen 

Train the Trainer

“My firm needed an excellent consultant to support an enterprise-wide rollout of coaching and development training for a major client. Kate’s role was to deliver training to the end-user while future instructors observed as a train-the-trainer session. In this senior role, Kate also observed facilitators train and then coached the facilitator post-training. Kate did an AWESOME job and I look forward to working with her in the future. The client really liked her performance as well."

A Performance Management Company Owner and Executive

Leadership Development

“Kate is an outstanding trainer. She is knowledgeable in many areas including sales, presentation skills, and leadership development. Kate has an amazing ability to immediately “bond” with her audience and intuitively guide the training to match her classes’ needs. She is a positive and popular contributor in the training field.”

Jane Lewis
VP Outsourcing, IKON Office Solutions