What We Do

Presentation Skills

Interactive hands-on experience in business presentation and public speaking skills. This 1 - 1 ½ day workshop is designed to give you the framework to create compelling presentations. You will learn how to jumpstart your presentation using an Introductory Model designed to engage your audience creating confidence all the way through to the close and Q&A. You will practice techniques to engage your audience, incorporate a structure for developing presentations, perform techniques for controlling nerves and gain resources for slide creation. Opportunities to present will be taped and clients leave the workshop with a portable medium of their own recordings. Coaching will be provided during the class and coaching comments will be contained on the USB for reinforcement. One-on-one or classes conducted. Follow Up coaching sessions can be scheduled to reinforce and enhance the training.

For more details and Client Testimonials see Presentation Skills page.

One-on-One coaching packages are available for Presentation Skills. Do you need practice and coaching for an upcoming presentation? Contact Us to discuss details.

Coaching and Accountability

Managers have many roles. One of the most challenging is in managing people and their performance. This interactive 2 day class introduces a manager to a process that works in real life, through years of research and feedback from managers working in the field. Through two primary factors, Coaching and Accountability, the most successful managers guide their Direct Reports towards the achievement of business goals while, at the same time, finding keys to motivating them to achieve their highest levels of individual performance – what we call “peak performance. ”

Benefits include:

  • Learning How to Set Expectations
  • Providing Feedback
  • Tracking Results
  • Coaching for Improvement
  • Appraising Performance

Assessments to determine your Management Style can be a part of this training and you will learn how to best relate to each member of your team.

Consultative Selling

Learn how to build long term relationships and "Trusted Advisor" status with your clients. By uncovering your client’s needs and goals you can sell on value, not price. Learn how to develop relationships with your clients. Understand the steps of a buyer focused sales model and the corresponding steps a sales person would go through to stay “in sync” with a client. Each step contains interactive role plays and exercises designed to reinforce the training with practical hands on experience.



Temp Consulting & Contract Training or Facilitation

We can train your own curriculum! Experienced in sales, management, leadership, presentation skills, call center and retention courses in multiple industries. Contact us today to discuss Temp Consulting, Contract Training and Facilitation.

Experienced Virtual Facilitator

Lively and energetic virtual e-learning training. Knowledgeable in how to facilitate e-learning to get results and keep the attention of your audience. 800+ hours of experience in facilitating through webinars.

Networking Workshop - Interactive "Who Does Not Have to Network?" workshopLearn how to prepare for networking, tips and techniques for effective networking, why you should have a networking strategy, conversation starters, developing your personal brand/elevator speech, best ways to use LinkedIn for business networking, following up and interactive Speed Networking!   2.5 - 3 hr. workshop.

DiSC Personality Assessment & Training

Learn how to manage yourself and others. DiSC is a powerful assessment that is easy to understand and simplifies the complexity of human behavior. Improve communication and increase sales productivity, gain management effectiveness and build better teams. Learn more about DiSC.

Consulting Services – Do you need assistance in knowing what the next step is in you or learning process? What does you organization need? Is it Instructional Design, Training, Facilitation? Call us today to discuss your learning needs.

Customer Service

Interactive 1 day course designed to enhance excellent Customer Service.

Results You Will Achieve with PresentingPlus!

  • More Compelling Presentations
  • Increase Sales and Sales Execution
  • Higher Levels of Accountability
  • Higher Levels of Teamwork
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Professional and Interactive Facilitation
  • Expert Consulting
  • Skilled Instructional Design

Kate Tunison is a Certified Professional Facilitator, Master Trainer and Train-the-Trainer Sales Coach Member of American Society for Training & Development.